Love The Gift of Life

Today’s verse:   Psalm 139:14 I will give thanks to you because I have been so amazingly and miraculously made. Your works are miraculous, and my soul is fully aware of this.

Good morning!   I hope and pray for all of you that your journey towards better health is continuing onward!

Today I would like to talk about the gift of life and how this relates to our goal of healthy living.  God gave us the gift of life!   What do we owe in return?   We need to make the most of it and appreciate what he has given us.  We need to celebrate this gift!

So how does this relate to healthy living?    Good manners dictate that we must say thank you for our gift.  So let’s all thank God for the gift of life that he gave us.  How do we thank him? Let’s thank him by taking care of what he has given us (our life) by not poisoning our bodies with junk food, drugs, or smoke.

I have to remember, every time I want to cheat on my diet or smoke that cigarette, that I am destroying a gift from God.  I am a mother of two boys (actually grown men now) and I remember how it felt as a parent if to give my children a wonderful gift, only to watch them destroy it piece by piece every day, or to not get the joy out of it that I thought they would get.  It broke my heart to see my precious gift destroyed.

God has given us all a beautiful body and soul, regardless of color, weight, outward beauty, or gender.  We are all beautiful in his eyes and he  loves us!   We can reciprocate that love by caring for that which he has given us.  I pray that you all will love and appreciate and care for the gift of life that has so generously been given to you!

Don’t forget to check out the sample diets at the end of each day’s blog – they even include desserts!   Yum!!! 

Healthy Living Menu (adapted from Prevention Magazine‘s 28 day challenge)

Breakfast: Power Smoothie:

Combine 1/2 banana, 4 oz. fat free milk, 1 oz. unflavored whey protein, 1 Tbsp. flax seed, 1 scoop of fat free Greek yogurt, and puree until smooth (I also add strawberries or blueberries to mine!)
1/2 grapefruit
12 oz. coffee

Lunch:  Open Faced Tuna Sandwich

Drain 3 oz. solid white tuna packed in water and mix with 2 Tbsp. diced celery and 1 Tbsp. reduced fat mayonnaise.  Spoon onto 1 slice of whole wheat toast and top with 3 tomato slices.
1/2 cup cherries or berries
12 oz. green tea

Dinner:  Skinny Chicken Parm

Top 1/2 cup cooked whole wheat spaghetti iwth 3 oz. boiled boneless, skinless chicken breast.  Spoon 1/4 cup marinara sauce on top.  Top wiht 1 Tbsp grated Paremsan or Romano cheese.
8 oz.  steamed asparagus drizzled with lemon juice
1 large plum
12 oz. herbal tea


1/2 cup vanilla ice milk topped with 1 tsp. chocolate syrup and 10 unsalted almonds.

Optional Snack

6 oz. plain Greek style yogurt with 1/2 cup berries
12 oz herbal tea






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