Not a Sermon, Just a Rant

I don’t usually blog on the weekends.   But today I feel compelled to rant.   I try to write about the struggle with addictions, and how it affects our health.  I have an addictive personality – for example, I am obsessed with my weight.  I weigh myself at least three times a day.   It was a terrible chore for me to give up smoking, because I was afraid of gaining weight.   I binge eat, and then obsessively exercise to make sure I don’t gain extra weight.   It is a continuous cycle that I constantly fight..

At some point, I realized that others also have addictions of various kinds.   I often thought it would be nice to help others, to encourage them on their journey to overcome addictions.  So I started writing my blog in order to help others with the strength of God the Almighty behind us.

However, I am becoming obsessed (addicted) again electronically.  I had to get off of Facebook.   My obsessive personality couldn’t stay off, checking every time I posted something to see if anyone liked it.   It is almost like a popularity contest back in high school, to see how many friends I could have.   I left the site to end my addiction (and to get away from so much nonsense posted on FB).

So now I have my blog.   I want to help others.   I do not want to become obsessed with how many likes, views, followers I have.   Therefore, I do truly appreciate and bless everyone that visits my blog, and I appreciate my followers. However, I do not want anyone to be insulted if I do not follow their blog.   I don’t want someone to follow my blog just because I follow theirs. I truly enjoy reading all of the blogs on, and I truly appreciate everyone reading mine.   But please understand that mine is strictly there for helping others on their journey.  It is simply my thoughts on what is happening in my life, and how God is helping me.   I hope that by sharing this will help others.

So if it helps you, please continue reading and enjoying and I pray for you daily.   If you are liking or following my blog in hopes of increasing your followers, then please don’t frown on me if I don’t respond in kind.   I do follow some that I have found helpful to me in my journey, and I pray that all of you will continue to find help in your lives through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.



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