Cleaning out the Clutter

Today’s verse:  Philippians 3:13-14  Brothers, I do not consider myself to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and reaching forward to what is ahead, I pursue as my goal the prize promised by God’s heavenly call in Christ Jesus.

My father-in-law has recently moved in with us.  What a life-changing experience! One of the things we had to do was to turn our basement into an apartment for him. The basement was already finished, but served mostly as a storage area for junk that we no longer used, but couldn’t bear to get rid of.   For example, my husband and I are both retired, but we have held on to many files, mementos, etc. from our working days.   Our pool table hasn’t been used in 10 years, and now only serves as a storage area, but we wanted to keep it, “just in case”.

We had to remove everything in order to put in new carpet.  We forced ourselves to look objectively at everything before we put it back and decide whether or not we really needed to keep it. Lots of trips were made to Goodwill.  We sold the pool table and opened up lots of space.  We shredded lots of documents and filled trash cans with tons of stuff.  We love the new area, and it feels so open and clean.

As I was reflecting on this change, and how good it felt to let go of some of our old items, I read a devotional that said we should let go of the old feelings that are taking up valuable space in our heads.  How many of us are holding onto negative feelings or feelings of guilt?  Why not take the time at the end of the year to clear out the clutter?  Let go of things that are useless and space hogs, and fill the space with valuable, good things.  God does not want us to hang onto damaging thoughts.  He has died for us and we are cleansed.  We need to let go and stop feeling guilty or bad or vengeful or sad, and let God’s joy into our heads.  Christmas is a perfect time to remember that Christ came for us and we need to let his light shine brightly, now and ever onward.

Christmas blessings to all – may your light shine bright!



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